Waterpik Classic WP72 Water Flosser - Reviewed

It is ideal to floss your teeth at least once a day. There has been much debate, but multiple studies have shown that oral health significantly improves with regular flossing. This is because brushing alone does not remove the plaque that can build up as tartar. But combining brushing with flossing is the best way to prevent gum disease and cavities. However, no one really likes to floss, and using traditional dental instruments is difficult for many. If you're looking for a better way, it may be time to try water flossing.

Keep on reading for our detailed Waterpik Classic Water Flosser Review. 

Waterpik Classic WP72 Specifications

Warranty: 2 years

Pressure Settings: 6

Reservoir Capacity: 90 seconds

# of Tips Included: 3

Voltage: North America only; 120VAC/60Hz

Charger: standard charging system


Can the Waterpik Classic WP72 Work for You?

As you begin to research water flossers, you probably need to start with Waterpik, one of the best known companies in the business. Waterpik makes a variety of flossers, with the Waterpik Classic Professional WP72 being among the easiest to use. The WP72 model provides you with a comfortable and simple way to clean between your teeth. It uses water power to wash away plaque and debris, both between your teeth and below your gum line. This extra cleaning step should become a regular part of your routine, in order to maintain oral health and prevent dental complications.

Plaque buildup occurs between your teeth and is generally resistant to brushing. The problem occurs when plaque is allowed to accumulate. Over time, it calcifies and becomes tartar. Tartar not only causes tooth decay but also contributes to gum disease, like gingivitis. Plaque may escape your brush but not the power of the Waterpik Classic WP72. It removes this plaque from each treated area in three seconds. It also eliminates the daily bacteria that contributes to bad breath.


The WP72 model has six water pressure settings that can be controlled right from the handle. You can switch from gentle to deep cleaning with a simple click of a button. The unit also has three different tips. This allows family members to use the same unit. The large reservoir provides about ninety seconds of operation so it reduces the need for refills during your cleaning.

One feature that sets the WP72 apart from other models, is the Pik Pocket Tip. It directs the water into the small, periodontal mouth pockets where food particles and bacteria can easily become trapped. It targets the bacteria breeding spaces between your teeth and at the borders of your gums. The Pik Pocket Tip is also one of the best tools to use if you have braces, implants, or bridges. It is gentle enough not to harm any of these surfaces but powerful enough to clean these difficult areas.

If you've already been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you can still benefit from the WP72. The Waterpik unit provides you with a painless alternative to traditional floss to remove bacteria in your sensitive gum line area. Another special feature for you is the additional reservoir for anti-bacterial or anti-microbial rinses that you may choose to use. You can use this second reservoir and the Pik Pocket Tip to dispense any prescribed rinses to a specific, targeted area.



Clinical studies performed on the Waterpik Classic WP72 Water Flosser have shown that it provides the following advantages:

  • 51% more effective than dental floss for reducing gingivitis
  • 2x as effective as dental floss at reducing bleeding gums
  • 29% more effective than dental floss at removing plaque
  • Reservoir can be inverted and used as a cover to prevent dust buildup
  • The unit’s tip rotates 360 degrees
  • It is a good value, with Waterpik offering a money back guarantee and a two-year warranty


  • Reviews suggest that the unit is very loud during operation. So loud, in fact, that the noise could actually wake someone who may be sleeping.
  • With only six water pressure settings, it has less options and is less powerful than some other water flossers.


Tooth pain can be extreme and dental work is often expensive. But you can do your best to avoid these problems if you follow a positive, healthy, regimen to maintain your teeth and gums. This means daily brushing and flossing. So, take a look at the WaterPik Classic WP72 Water Flosser and keep flossing.

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