If you travel frequently, but don't want to leave your water flosser or your oral care routine behind it would be wise to invest in a portable water flosser such as the ​Gurin Professional Water Flosser. Or maybe you're just looking for a water flosser to take up less space in your bathroom! For whatever the reason, the Gurin Professional is a great choice in oral irrigators and the price is very reasonable.


Warranty: 1 year

Voltage: Universal, Rechargeable Nicd Batteries

Tips: Comes with 2 interchangeable nozzles

Operating Modes: Normal, Soft, Pulse

Other: FDA Approved, BPA-Free

The Gurin Guarantee

Every product manufactured by Gurin comes with a 100% Gurin Products Satisfaction Guarantee. This ensures that if their products do not meet customer's standards, it can be returned for a replacement or refund.

The Features & Benefits

Why it's Great for Travel:

  • High capacity removable water reservoir. In this new version it is easier to fill.
  • Quiet motor so you're not waking up your neighbours early in the morning.
  • Universal voltage
  • High quality rechargeable batteries that stay charged for a decent amount of time.
  • Lightweight


Operating Modes

The Gurin Professional has 3 operating modes which satisfy varying oral care needs. The pulse mode is basically a massage for your gums while the other modes are powerful enough to clean and remove debris from in between the teeth and below the gumline:





This model comes equipped with 2 - 360° rotating color-coded nozzles for multiple users if need be. The nozzle can be removed by pulling straight up. They need to be replaced every 6 months.

Other Features

  • BPA Free
  • FDA Approved


The Pros & The Cons

It is important to outweigh the pros and cons of the product you are thinking of purchasing. Sometimes just 1 of the cons can be a deal-breaker for you. Here are some pros and cons of the Gurin Professional:


  • Helps to promote clean teeth and healthy gums at an affordable price.
  • Easy to use and refill.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Powerful, long lasting charge from the Nicd rechargeable batteries.


  • There are mixed messages as to whether or not you can add mouthwash to the reservoir. In the manual it says that you shouldn't as certain types of mouthwash can cause damage to the device. But in other descriptions of this oral irrigator, they say you can add mouthwash. It's best to be safe and refrain from using mouthwashes in this unit.
  • While the water reservoir is large for a portable model, don't expect the stream to last as long as a counter-top model in one use.

Maintenance & Warranty

Taking care of your water flosser properly can extend the life of the device and make for a better experience.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Vinegar should not be used to cleaned the unit, only a neutral cleaning agent and water.
  • Make sure to dry the unit before storage.
  • After using the appliance, empty the remaining water from the reservoir by draining it into the sink through the tip.
  • Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.


  • To remove dirt, wipe with a cloth and liquid soap. Wipe off using a dry cloth.
  • Do not submerge in water.
  • Wipe the water tank cap with a cloth.
  • Wash nozzle with water and wipe with soft cloth.
  • Wash the water suction tube with water and wipe with soft cloth.
  • The tank can also be washed with water and wiped with a soft cloth.


The company states that customer service and support is their highest priority. It is always refreshing to know you are not just a number to a company. In order to get a 1 year warranty with the product you've just purchased from Gurin, you can fill out a form on their website.

The Verdict

The Gurin Professional rechargeable oral irrigator has a lot to offer for the price. It is perfect for frequent travellers or for those who have less counter-space in their bathrooms. It's ease of use, long-life powerful batteries and universal voltage are some of the many features that make it a great addition to your oral care routine. The company is there to back you up with their great customer service and support if any problems should arise.

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lee montgomery - May 6, 2017

The Gurin Flosser that I have does not charge the battery when using the charge feature. I am unable to open the battery compartment therefore cannot replace the battery. I have owned the unit for slightly over one year. How do I open the compartment containing the battery?

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