Conair Interplak Sonic Water Jet System Review

When you’re planning your oral hygiene program for yourself and your family, you want to be sure to make the plan all-inclusive. You also want to be sure to use products from companies you can trust. Well, Conair is a name that has long been recognized for personal health and grooming products. Among those products is their line of water flossers, which includes the best selling ​Interplak Sonic Water Jet System (SWJ1)​.

Though no one really likes flossing, it is important to floss daily. Combining daily brushing with water flossing using a unit like the Conair Sonic Water Jet System, makes the process more enjoyable. The SWJ1 reaches between teeth and around fixed bridgework, and is effective even if you have braces, crowns, or implants. You can also clean below your gumline, eliminating bacteria and preventing gum disease and gingivitis.

Conair Sonic Jet Specs

Attachments Included: 6

Pressure Settings: 7

Type: Water pulsation + Sonic vibration

Safe to Add Mouthwash?: Yes

Warranty: 2 years, limited

Voltage: 120V AC

Battery: 1 AAA, included

Features of the Conair Interplak Sonic Water Jet System

Sonic Technology:

What sets the Conair SWJ1 apart is the fact that it is the first oral irrigator with both sonic action and water pulsation, unlike a Waterpik water flosser that utilizes water pressure alone. Sonic technology uses high speed vibration to mix toothpaste and water into a foam. It then propels this foam into the hard to reach areas with more impact than that of any regular water jet. The effectiveness of this technology has received mixed reviews but users agree that flossing is easier and their teeth appear cleaner.

Plaque Removal:

The unique combination of sonic vibration and water pulsation makes the SWJ1 the perfect system to help you maintain proper oral health. It removes food particles and plaque, reduces tartar buildup, and cleans away the bacteria that causes bad breath. It accomplishes all of this in a gentle manner, making the experience one that you won't mind repeating.

Since plaque buildup between your teeth is generally resistant to brushing, you need to floss to effectively remove it. The American Dental Association has reported that removing plaque between your teeth needs to be a daily part of your oral hygiene program.



The SWJ1 was designed with this exact purpose in mind. It is an all-in-one machine that provides brushing, jet flossing, and massaging functions in a single unit.

There are six attachments including 2 full size brush heads, a water jet tip, a subgingival tip, a tongue cleaner, and a soft gum massager.

For your convenience, the large tank can hold either water, dental rinse, or mouthwash.

One of the more unique features of the SWJ1 is the multi-control handle. Here you will find the on/off and pause buttons as well as the control for the sonic vibration. You can control the amount of pressure so that you can brush, floss and massage comfortably. You can also perform any of these functions with or without water. If you prefer, you can even use the unit with vibration alone or only with water pulsation.


Pros & Cons


  • There are seven different pressure control settings. You can easily adjust your unit to a level that is comfortable for you.
  • There is a large capacity, translucent, easy fill tank that you can fill with water or other oral rinses.
  • The handle controls combine 12000 sonic movements with 4500 water pulsations, and give you immediate control at the touch of a button.
  • The unit is compact and fits easily on the sink or a vanity.
  • The cost of the compact unit is less than that of a full-size system.


  • The unit is louder than most during all operations, making it difficult to use when others are in bed.
  • There is only one jet water tip so it is difficult for more than one family member to use this particular tool.
  • The water pressure is less than in other, full-size models.

Maintenance and Care

The Conair Interplak Water Jet System comes with a limited two-year warranty. There’s really not much work to maintain the unit. The attachments need to be cleaned after each use, and the water tank should be rinsed with hot water on a regular basis. If the valve on the tank leaks, it needs to be removed to be cleaned thoroughly.

If needed, here is a link to the manual.

The Verdict

The Conair Interplak Water Jet System is good value for the money. It is fairly reliable and effectively performs the multi-functions for which it was designed. It is not the most powerful dental machine on the market but the sonic vibration somewhat compensates for that issue. So, if you’re looking for a unit that can improve your teeth cleaning habits without breaking the budget, the​ Conair (SWJ1)​may be the one for you.

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