Best Water Flossers On The Market: Buyers Guide

Most people probably cringe when they hear their dentist mention the word floss. They send you home with a nice little sample of floss, which can sometimes end up in the garbage bin before it's first use. Let's face it, flossing with dental floss can be challenging, and time consuming. However, it's not a part of our daily routine that we want to skip out on. Flossing everyday prevents gum disease and tooth loss.

There is a better solution. One that you may even find enjoyable. Many have made the switch from traditional dental floss to an electric flosser. Whether you are on the go and need to bring your flosser along, or you like to eat, brush and floss in the shower, there is an oral irrigator designed to fit your needs. Check out our buying guide if you are looking to make the switch from regular dental floss, but not quite sure which one will be best for you or scroll down to see our top water flosser reviews.

Best Water Flosser Comparisons

Water Flosser Model

# of Tips Included

Water Capacity

Global Voltage

Warranty (Years)

1. Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser (WP-660C)


22 oz (650 mL)



2. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush (WP-900)


23 oz (700 mL)



3. Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator


5 oz  (150 mL)



​4. Conair Interplak All-in-One Sonic Water Jet

4. Conair Interplak All-in-One Sonic Water Jet


27 oz (800 mL)



5. Pursonic OI-200 Professional Oral Irrigator


20 oz (600 mL)



What is a ​Water Flosser?

A water ​flosser is exactly as it sounds; a flosser that utilizes water pressure to clean between the teeth and gums. Basically, it's a powered device that shoots a thin stream of water in and around your teeth to effectively clean and remove plaque. It is also known as an oral irrigator. Do water flossers work? Studies do show that they are more effective than manual at reducing bleeding and gingivitis.

Oral irrigators are meant to replace string floss to clean between the teeth, although some dentists will recommend you continue to use the string floss anyway. They should be used in combination with brushing and if desired, mouth rinse as well. It is a good alternative for those who do not know how to properly use string floss or who simply find it easier and more effective to use. Or maybe you've given up on traditional floss entirely! If this sounds like you, you might want to try this option to see if it works for you because flossing is important for oral health.

How Does an ​Oral ​Irrigator ​Work?

A dental irrigator has several different water pressure settings, all clinically proven to be safe. It is recommended to begin at the lowest setting and work your way up over time. The pressure of the water is enough to break down and remove the plaque or food stuck in the teeth. The water is held in a reservoir, which is then emitted through the handheld tip. Some models are cordless, some have wall plug-ins. Make sure the reservoir is filled with lukewarm water. Simply place the tip in your mouth after choosing a pressure setting. Slightly close lips to avoid splashing. Work your way around the teeth and let the flosser do the rest. Here are some detailed instructions.

Care & Maintenance of an ​Oral Irrigator

Dental irrigators are generally easy to clean and require low maintenance. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild non-abrasive cleaner. If you would like some more information on how to clean an electric flosser click here.

Because an oral irrigator is a device that uses water, it is possible for mineral build-up from hard water to occur over time. The cleaning tutorial above shows you how to easily take care of that if you encounter that problem. Besides that, there should not be much else to deal with in terms of care and maintenance of your irrigator.

  • ​The tip attachments can end up costing more money than regular dental floss.
  • With regular use, tips need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

Leaking or other Repair Issues

Buying Guide

Size and Design

    • ​One of the main considerations to think about is the size and design. Who will be using it?
    • Standard countertop models come in various sizes. Consider the amount of water the reservoir can hold. (5 oz, 7 oz, etc.) This will affect the length of time you can floss before refilling the tank. The larger the reservoir capacity, the more space you will need around your sink.
    • If you are a frequent traveller there are cordless compact versions that fit easily into a suitcase or on top of a small bathroom counter. Consider whether or not you need Global voltage, so there is no need for a converter when travelling.
    • There is even a model available that attaches to a shower pipe/head so you can floss in the shower if that's your thing. The Waterpik version is easy to install, has a rechargeable batter and comes with 2 classic tips. The benefit to the shower flosser is because it is attached to the shower head, you do not need to worry about refilling any reservoirs, or leaning over a sink to do the job.
    • If more than one person will be using it, you may want to consider one with removable tips and color coding.
    • There is a specially designed model for kids. It's a great idea to get kids started on good oral hygiene habits such as flossing at a young age. The model for kids makes it fun and simple for them. And if they have braces, this is a good flossing option for them.


    • ​Another important consideration is the suitability for people with braces, appliances or implants.
    • As mentioned earlier, it can be very difficult for patients with braces or other orthodontic appliances to get in between the teeth and below the gum line with standard dental floss. This could lead to them giving up altogether even though it is important to continue to floss.
    • Make sure to choose a water flosser that comes with an orthodontic tip. (tapered brush that is designed for this specific need). It is clinically proven to improve gum health greatly for orthodontic patients.
    • Speak to your dentist. They may know better than anyone which is the best oral irrigator for you.


    Learn about the different features included in certain models. There are many.

    • Water pressure settings. Look at the number of pressure settings and various PSI ranges. It is recommended to start at the lowest pressure and work your way up until you become used to using an oral irrigator.
    • Number and type of tips included. Most come with standard tips, but some come with extra tips for different uses such as orthodontic, tongue cleaner, toothbrushes, periodontal tips, and even nasal spray tips etc.
    • Massage mode - the water stream pulses for enhanced gum stimulation. Stimulating the gums is great for gum health. This increases blood flow to the massaged areas and improves the body's ability to protect infected gums through the immune system.
    • Color - If style is something that is important to you, some of them come in other colors such as black, purple, blue, etc. If you are planning on purchasing a water flosser, it doesn't hurt to buy one with a modern, stylish look! After all, it will be very visibly sitting out on your countertop.
    • Timers - Some oral irrigators, such as the Waterpik Aquarius, have a 30 second and 1 minute timer to let you know when it's time to switch from your upper teeth to your lower teeth and vice versa. This can come in handy especially when you are just starting out using an oral irrigator.


    Length of warranty - The length of warranty on an oral irrigator typically ranges from 1 to 3 years, depending on the brand and model. It's nice to have this piece of mind when making an investment such as a dental irrigator. It is important to purchase a water flosser with a good warranty, and most water flossers do have at least a 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. If you have a problem with your water flosser, contact the manufacturer in order to get the process started and they will usually refund you or send a replacement product.

    What is your budget?

    • You can find many electric flossers for under $100. Over $100 if you are looking for more features and options.
    • Extra tips will add to the cost. Tips should normally be replaced every 3 to 6 months. So keep this in mind.
    • Usually the more you pay, the better the quality and more options you are getting.
    • Although oral irrigators do not use a lot of water during one use, this can add up over time and is another cost to think about especially if you pay a lot for water where you live.

    Look at reviews

    • The best way to make a good purchase is to see what other customers are saying about the models you are considering. Look at a wide range of power flosser reviews.
    • You may not share the same opinion as all customers who are writing reviews, but it still says a lot if a product has a high rating with hundreds to thousands of reviews. If a product has only a few reviews and they are vague, this may not be a good indicator of the quality of a product.

    Top 5 Water Flosser Reviews

    Packed with great features and fairly priced, this electric flosser is in our opinion the best flosser on the market. Comes with 7 different tips including the classic jet tip for general use, a toothbrush tip, plaque seeker tip for implants, crowns, etc., an orthodontic tip for braces, and a pik pocket tip for periodontal pockets and furcations.

    Not only can you floss and brush with the Aquarius, but you can massage your gums with hydro-pulse massage mode to increase stimulation. Some other unique features include covered tip storage in the unit, water control on handle, 30 second/1 minute timers, and a new compact design. The water capacity allows for 90 seconds of flossing at high pressure. This should be enough time to complete the job without having to refill mid-flossing.

    For the amount of features and extras it has, it sure comes at a great price. If you desire a quality product with all the bells and whistles, this is it.

    For a more in-depth review, click here.


    • Comes with a variety of tips
    • Budget friendly
    • Advanced water flosser


    • limited tip storage in unit

    The Waterpik Complete Care is a combination of water flosser and sonic electric toothbrush. For the price, you cannot go wrong. When it comes to combination systems, this one is our top choice for best electric flosser. The toothbrush is up to 192% more effective than a manual toothbrush. Included with this model are 5 tips and 2 brush heads: 2 classic jet tip, 1 plaque seeker tip, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 pic pocket tip, 1 standard brush head, and 1 compact brush head for precision cleaning. It also comes with a hard-sided travel case. You just have to pull the tip off the brush, put it in the case and it's good to go.

    It has 90+ seconds of water capacity. The space-saving design requires only 1 outlet. For all of those tips is additional tip storage that is covered to keep dust and debris out. Pause button is directly on the handle for added convenience.


    • Electric toothbrush and floss in one compact design
    • Ample storage space for attachments
    • Clear reservoir makes it easy to track water level


    • Toothbrush replacement head not as easy to find in stores

    With the Poseidon oral irrigator, you can forget about the mess of cords. It comes with an inductive charging cradle and lithium ion batteries, which makes it incredibly easy to keep fully charged and ready to use. Another bonus is the universal voltage which makes it great for travelling. It features 3 operating modes: normal, soft and pulse. It comes with 2 color coded tips, that are handy for households with more than 1 user.

    Using the Poseidon irrigator helps to prevent bad breath and keeps your mouth clean.

    The fact that it's also BPA-free, makes it an even more attractive choice when it comes to oral irrigators.


    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Lithium-ion batteries and space-saving charging cradle
    • BPA-Free


    • No back-up power source
    • Not as many features or settings as Waterpik cordless

    This water jet by Conair is one impressive device. Included are 6 tips: 2 vibrating brush heads (exclusive), 1 water jet, 1 subgingival, 1 tongue cleaner and a soft gum massager (exclusive) . It has 7 pressure range settings and uses sonic vibration combined with water pulsation for complete dental care.

    The water reservoir is clear, which makes it easy to keep track of water level. Mouthwash may be added to the tank for an extra fresh mouth. It uses Sonic Technology to deliver brushing, jet flossing and massaging functions. On the handle the user is able to control sonic vibration and pause the water flow. Overall a great all-in-one unit.


    • All in one: water jet, electric toothbrush and gum massager
    • Large capacity water tank
    • Great functions as well as easy on the wallet


    • Does not have universal voltage
    • Smaller pressure range

    Here is yet another outstanding jet flosser with features comparable to our other top picks. It boasts a high pressure range of 0 to 90 PSI and 1400 pulses per minute. If you are unsure of how much time to spend flossing, simply use the 2 minute auto-timer which alerts you every 30 seconds. Includes 3 standard nozzles plus 1 tongue cleaner. Get to those hard-to-reach areas with the 360 degree rotating nozzle. If need be, you can pause the waterflow with it's multi-function handle. The Pursonic Ol-200 is an overall great choice when it comes to quality features and design. It is our #5 choice in best oral irrigators.


    • Easy to operate control system
    • 100 240 volt for use worldwide


    • Only comes with standard tips and tongue scraper


    Overall, the Waterpik Aquarius is our top rated water flosser. It's well-rounded when you look at all factors that are important to a consumer. It looks like others would agree, based on the fact that it's received a huge number of positive reviews. It can be very useful to read reviews. Look for consistencies. If many consumers have the same issue with the product, chances are it's something you will encounter with the product as well. Find something within your budget, but remember that you usually get what you pay for. Most importantly, be mindful of your needs and whether or not the product satisfies them.

    Who would have thought there would be so much to consider when purchasing an oral irrigator? Now you can be confident of it's effectiveness. Hopefully this information proves to be helpful when and if you decide to throw that little package of floss in the bin and make an upgrade.


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