Awkward Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

A trip to the dentist can be scary, but modern sedation methods can take the pain out of the process. As you can see, the results can be quite hilarious if not downright awkward

Silly Moments After Serious Dental Work

Let's face it. Few of us would want to brave a trip to the dentist for serious dental work without the use of anesthesia. However, you're open to becoming the source of many laughs once you leave the office. From forgetting familiar faces and falling back into a feeling of infancy to repetitive rambling and more, the medicines that mask the pain of dental work can also make you seem loopy and incoherent. This has long been a source of much humor for friends and loved ones who are there as you recover from your dental procedure.

How It Works

Also referred to as a reversible coma, anesthesia has often been compared to a deep sleeping state. In fact, research has shown that the very deepest levels of sleep are similar to even the slightest amount of anesthesia. The term is derived from the Greek word for a loss of sensation, and this aspect is certainly appreciated while surgery or other work is being performed. It's a complex process that must be controlled under the supervision of trained professionals.

It's important to ensure the patient's sensations are dulled long enough to last the length of the procedure, and it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why the effects are typically still evident after the work is completed. If you're preparing to see the dentist, you very well may be administered anesthesia, and, you never know, you may be the next Internet sensation as the effects of these powerful yet appreciated drugs wear off.

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