5th Annual Africa Healthcare Week Wraps Up

The 5th Annual Africa Healthcare Week took place on the 5th -7th of March at Olympia London. The event was co-hosted with the Africa Dental Summit. This year the event focused on growth in the African Healthcare market and facilitating ground-breaking discussions aimed at influencing health policy in Africa. Africa Healthcare Week provides a unique forum in which Africa's most influential figures congregate to discuss health innovation and facilitating positive change in Africa.

The event examined many key areas of health and dentistry in Africa. The topics discussed in the dental summit brought together key figures in Africa's dental and public health arenas, to discuss moving to an environment in which all dental practices across Africa are registered, regulated and safe. In the Healthcare auditorium, a much debated area of discussion was the growing trend to use technology in health, and the viability of this in Africa. This discussion prompted key decision makers to consider improving infrastructure in order to facilitate this change.

Please visit the Africa Healthcare and Africa Dental Summit websites for further information regarding the 2019 event. The 6thAfrica Healthcare Week will be held on the 5th -6th of March in London Olympia, now co-hosted with Africa Pharma and featuring the 2019 Africa Healthcare Awards.

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