5 Things to do When your Wisdom Teeth Won't Come Out Properly

Wisdom teeth are a source of utterly unnecessary chaos in your life. This set of last molars erupts after your late teens, an age where people gather some wisdom and are thus named wisdom teeth. A lack of Vitamin K2 in our diets has weakened the expansion of our jaws and has made it difficult for these teeth to find room. This lack of space creates many difficulties for the wisdom teeth.

They could break through the gums partway and cause a flap of tissue to grow on top, which could trap food and lead to infection. In other cases, the teeth could be crooked or even impacted. The formation of cysts and abscess has also been observed in people over the age of 20. You could be suffering from jaw stiffness, excruciating pain, infection or even gum disease because of the eruption of a wisdom tooth.

Here is a list of five things to do when your wisdom teeth don't come out properly.

Find an Orthodontist Near You

The minute you find out that your wisdom tooth is breaking through your gum it is advised to find an orthodontist near you, as soon as you possibly can. These teeth are known for wreaking havoc in many mouths due to a delay in removal. Being a teenager, it is ideal for you to see a specialist and get the procedure done. At the early age, the roots are not fully developed, and the extraction becomes less painful.

Avoiding to remove them could damage your healthy teeth beside them which are the second molars.

Try to look for a doctor who knows what they're doing. Look up their practice on the internet and book an appointment with the one that seems experienced and reliable.
Work with your doctor to figure out details such as how many wisdom teeth need extraction, and which type of anesthesia would work best for you.

Speak to a Friend

Once you've been through the doctor's appointment, find a friend to speak about this. If someone in your close social network had their wisdom teeth removed, they would be an ideal choice for advice and company. Take someone along with you for the surgery. Since everyone reacts to anesthesia differently, you need to bring along someone who would keep an eye on you and drive you home.


You need to get a few things ready before you go for the surgery. Get yourself an elevating pillow to reduce swelling. Stock up on soft foods like applesauce and ice-cream since you won't be able to enjoy a steak right after the extraction. Look for an ice pack designed for the face. It will keep you comfortable and last way longer than gel packs. You should try to set up a recovery station at home where you have all these things available while the anesthesia wears off.

Be Careful

Once the extraction is completed, remember to be careful with a few things. Try to stay elevated for the first 3 to 4 days. The pain would escalate during the early 24 hours, and you would feel uncomfortable but avoiding swelling at all costs is essential.

Avoid blowing on food or using a straw for the next two weeks because you are likely to get a dry socket during the initial days. Do not clean or brush your teeth for the first few days. It is rather apparent that you would want nothing more than to brush your teeth after the procedure, but it could dislodge a blood clot over the extraction and lead to the horrendous dry socket mentioned earlier.


Other than following the post-surgery advice, it is equally important for you to rest. Take this time off and concentrate on your health. You can read or write or even listen to your favorite music without any reservations. You have the time to binge-watch your favorite shows right now. Since you wouldn't be able to talk comfortably, you might as well do the things that don't require talking.

Try to schedule your surgery at the beginning of the summer break. Being stress-free is key. Stay as hydrated as possible for a quicker recovery. As unpleasant as the surgery may seem, it is way better than suffering through the excruciating pain of erupting wisdom teeth.

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