17 Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums - Number Eight is Delightfully Shocking

Oral health is important. However, with so many highly processed convenience foods so readily available, it can prove difficult to make the most of the only teeth we have. There are foods that are simple to incorporate into your diet that will help you keep both your teeth and gums healthy.

1. Milk- It Does the Mouth Good

Milk doesn't just do the body good. It's also an excellent source of calcium that can do wonders for both your teeth and gums. Aside from giving them the strength they need to perform their functions, it can also prevent periodontal disease. For best results, opt for low fat or nonfat varieties as they reduce the dangers of clogged arteries.

2. The Amazing Power of Yogurt

You don't have to withhold yourself from enjoying sweet treats as you take measures to enhance your oral health. Like milk, yogurt is also high in calcium and delivers the same strength and vitality to both teeth and gums. A recent study in Japan revealed that the people who consumed the most yogurt had the best oral health. Other benefits this food has to offer include:

  • Helps prevent bad breath
  • Decreases the acidity of your mouth
  • Maintains the density of your teeth

3. Spinach- Strong in Vitamin B

Spinach is a tasty leafy green that's easy to include in a number of delicious recipes, and it's full of beneficial vitamin B and calcium known to promote healthy teeth and gums. It can prove especially beneficial for the oral health of pregnant women. Whether you eat it raw or include it on a pizza or in a smoothie, you can truly get creative in its consumption.

4. An Apple a Day Keeps the Dentist Away

Apples are full of vitamins and nutrients that can promote overall health, and your teeth and gums can benefit. Also known as nature's toothbrush, apples are known to stimulate your gums and promote a healthy blood flow as well as increase the flow of saliva that proves helpful in reducing bacteria buildup.

5. Gains in Whole Grains

When you think of grains, you probably associate them with simple carbohydrates that are known to stick to your teeth and increase the chances of the development of cavities. However, whole grains are made of complex carbohydrates which are more difficult for harmful bacteria to digest. They also help oral health because they're rich in:

  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • Minerals

6. Open Sesame!

The act of using oils to increase the strength and virility of teeth and gums has been practiced for many generations, and there's no wonder why. This method is known to extract harmful bacteria while brightening your smile. In fact, studies have even shown that swishing sesame oil in your mouth can help reduce plaque-induced gingivitis.

7. Green and Black Tea

Inflammation and bacterial infection are real dangers when it comes to oral health. However, green and black tea both contain compounds that can help keep these common problems at bay. They can even improve gum health, prevent tooth loss and bad breath, and even prevent certain cancers.

8. Dark Chocolate- Yes, You Can Indulge!

Eating with oral health in mind doesn't have to be boring. In fact, research has shown that there are a variety of ways in which dark chocolate can improve the health of your teeth and gums. That's because it contains high levels of theobromine, a substance known to harden your tooth enamel. This lowers your chances of cavity development.

9. Neem- A Secret Yet Powerful Tool

Also known as azadirachta indica, neem is a tree found in India that has been used to help teeth and gums since ancient times. The raw leaves found on the tree are known to prevent bacterial buildup and keep your teeth white. You can also commonly find neem as a listed ingredient on herbal toothpastes.

10. Basil- More Than Just An Herb

Basil is an herb we often add to our food with the primary goal of improving taste. However, it has much to offer your teeth and gums. Aside from containing vitamins that help keep teeth healthy and prevent bleeding of the gums, it also helps keep your smile bright and white.

11. Tulsi

Tulsi is commonly used in Indian households, and this ancient herb can do wonders for your teeth and gums. By using it regularly, it can help reduce harmful bacteria by a surprising 99 percent while also fighting:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth aches
  • Pyorrhea

12. Go Nuts on Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds can prove to be a tasty and healthful snack, and they can do wonders for your oral health. Aside from the fact that they contain calcium, they also stimulate proper blood flow for healthy gums. Just some of the beneficial nutrients they contain include:

  • Fiber
  • Folic Acid
  • Iron
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6

13. Fatty Fish

Many of us try to avoid foods with the word "fatty" clearly included in the name. However, when it comes to fish, this isn't true. They contain healthy fats the body needs to stay healthy. Furthermore, fatty fish is a great source of vitamin D, and this helps the body absorb calcium.

14. Say Cheese!

Cheese is a milk product, and it contains high levels of calcium known to promote strong and healthy teeth and gums. Best of all, it can be a delightful snack to enjoy any time of the day without feeling guilty.

15. Citrus Fruits

Not only are citrus fruits such as oranges tasty, they also help promote healthy saliva flow that helps prevent bacterial buildup. Since they are high in acid, however, it's a good idea to include them in a larger meal to minimize the acid and brush your teeth immediately after consumption.

16. Onion

Okay, let's face it. Onions will do little to keep your breath smelling fresh, but they do offer surprising oral health benefits. Aside from strengthening your teeth, they also kill most of the germs found in your mouth simply by chewing the vegetable raw.

17. Juicing

Life is busy, and that's a primary reason we are so tempted to consume harmful convenience foods. However, juicing is an easy way to get the nutrients our teeth and gums need to stay healthy. At Juicing For Health, you can find a variety of delicious recipes that are simple to incorporate into your diet.

A Smile to Be Proud Of

If you enjoyed this list, you could be on the path to providing your teeth and gums the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay strong and healthy. You only get one set of adult teeth, and now's the time to stop taking that for granted and incorporate the proper foods in your diet to make them last. Please like and share with the ones you love to give them the knowledge to take control of their oral health.

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